The Married Wanderers

The Married Wanderers

Notes from an online influencer
Founder of Burnt Orange, Jennifer Raath

Myself and my husband, Rudolph Raath, recently took a sabbatical to travel the world. During this life changing year, we build a brand based on our adventurous lifestyle as a married couple – > The Married Wanderers

With our 23K plus engaged social reach across Instagram, Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and our Blog, we have tapped into the world of ‘influencer marketing‘.

As a result, we have worked with various brands, promoting and showcasing their products and services to our audience from a real, personal perspective.

Our Collaborations include:

Hope on Hopkins

The Married Wanderers
Showcasing Hope Gin during an African sunset

Sunfair Swim

The Married Wanderers
Feeling comfortable in a Sunfair Swim Bikini – on Safari

Silvermist Organic Wine Estate

The Married Wanderers
Enjoying a romantic moment at the Silvermist Wine Estate

FatFace Clothing

The Married Wanderers
Instagram captures while exploring in FatFace Clothing

Trifena Belle Swimwear

The Married Wanderers
Feeling adventurous in Trifena Belle Swimwear – Indonesia

As a company, working with influencers as part of your marketing strategy is crucial. Online influencers (ie. people or pages online that hold a captivated audience) promote your brand from a position of power that no other media space has – TRUST!

Let Burnt Orange find influencers for your brand and create collaborations that speak directly to YOUR MARKET.

Let's get social 🙂

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