Digital Marketing Services

“Brands and Companies need to meet and talk to customers in the technological spaces that they prefer and are active on. It’s not enough to expect customers to come to you” (Red & Yellow Creative School of Business).

The below services can be acquired individually, as needed.

However, it is best not to view them in isolation. In order to create a truly customer-centric brand that is competitive and that communicates with customers at every touchpoint, presenting itself in every lead generating opportunity – a combination of these services are needed.

The specific combination is completely dependent on your company/brand. You may not benefit from all of them, you may even benefit tremendously from just three – it depends entirely on your market.

Our Recommended Solution
Let us do a digital marketing analysis on your company. Here we will research the context and environment in which you operate and then present a personalised no-obligation Digital Marketing Proposal that meets your specific business objectives.


Digital Marketing Services


Let me chat strategy with you to ensure that all your online communication through digital marketing is aligning with your actual offerings, ethos and brand promise. Consistency is key – from social media images to packaging to store layout. Let me do a full marketing plan for your brand.

Social media full page management – social media paid advertising – engagement and community management – social monitoring and online customer service – content creation and page design – connecting people to your brand, sharing your story and growing your online leads.

Examples of Social Media Services include:
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn and Snapchat


Content Creation includes creating quality content for social media posts, website articles, blog posts and media/ press.  Fresh and current content drives digital marketing.

Examples include:
Photography, graphic design work, videography, copywriting and blog.


Email Marketing and Newsletters is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website or online store. It is cost effective, personal and works on a mass scale. Let’s build your database and inform customers of all your new products, business news, specials and loyalty sign ups.

We offer website development (specialising in WordPress Websites), website or online shop management and website content creation such as blog work. A strong focus on increasing SEO (search engine optimisation) is used.

Online Advertising includes getting your website, online store or social page ranked higher up on Google searches. Let’s enable your market to find you. Search adverts/ PPC Adverts are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your brand and increase leads. Increase your SEO Score to be seen above your competition with SEO copywriting, user-friendly web design and link popularity efforts through digital PR.

Package Options

Burnt Orange Creative has flexible payment options, completely tailored to your needed services. There are once off project/campaign fees as well as monthly digital marketing retainer fees (preferred) available. These fees will be proposed according to which and how many services are required.
*Discounts given to loyal retainers and packages with more than one service.